2013-05-21: Converts between different CSV formats: CSV Converter
CSV Converter
2012-05-17: Simply mock away your database with DummyJDBC

2012-01-29: Copy SVN entities with its whole history over different repositories with SVN Copy

2012-01-10: Tree trunk segmentation: Segmentation

2010-09-23: Apps, Apps, Apps
LightningTimer Kennzeichen Gas Tanken Zusatzstoffe
2010-07-28: After two weeks of approval, Badapedia appeared in the Samsung App Store

Video of the 24h Taekwondo Marathon at the Zen-Taekwondo-Center Berlin
Taekwondo marathon

2010-07-03: Lately I visited the Samsung developer day in Frankfurt. My first bada app is already submitted and ready to be approved. Let's see how long this will take...
Bada logo

2010-03-16: PyS60 calendar application
PyS60 calendar

2009-11-01: PyS60 sample scripts

2009-06-24: Univention Absolventenpreis: 3rd place for QMapControl! (Even mentioned on Heise)
Univention Absolventenpreis

2009-10-18: PyS60

2007-12-01: QMapControl

2007-11-19: OpenMoko

2007-09-23: RadioBIRD

2007-07-27: Growing Greenphone corner

2007-03-18: P4 (Ping Pong Punkte Protokollierer)

2006-03-06: Zwei Maya-Animationen unter andere Arbeiten

2006-03-05: Erste Infos zum Flyscooter...

2006-03-05: Boempelmania...

2005-09-16: Version 1.0d der Galerie